Our company is a large family business made up of designers, artists, photographers, creative thinkers, maybe a few old hippies from the sixties as well as survivalists, among others, including friends who occasionally drop by our shop to put their two cents in. Our President, whose idea it was for this site, especially for the military portion, is a WWII veteran.  He served on the USS Menifee in the South Pacific and saw a great deal of action there where he started at the young age of 17! These are the folks who make up Gift Idea Enterprises, Inc.

All of us are extremely passionate about our family, our children and our miscellaneous gift business.  We always are interested in hearing new ideas as we build our inventory of assorted hard to find items from copyrighted tee shirts to survivalist interests.  If you give us some good ideas that we use, we will give you a free tee shirt and maybe name it after you!

On the tee shirt side of our business, our goal is simple. We want to bring you extremely creative ideas that we have taken the time to think out mostly using attractive colors, original art, and original photos that you will not find elsewhere. All the while making it affordable.  We offer a variety of shirts that are regular, v-neck, tank tops, hooded and long sleeve.  The shirts are made from high quality cotton and the hooded jerseys are blends.

One of our founders recently had open heart surgery and therefore decided to design an entire category of shirts having to do with heart operations and those who recover and need to beware of not getting yourself checked by a good physician.  We found that lots of folks have either had stints, bypass surgeries, heart transplants, etc. or know someone who did that might like one of our shirts. Please take a look around and stay healthy!

We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to supplying you with creative items and colorful,  fashionable and stylish shirts that most of your friends and family will ask: “where did you get that shirt from?”.  We also welcome any suggestions to our growing number of gift items and tee shirt designs that we will offer.  Thank you for being a customer!

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